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April 29, 2020

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2:04 pm

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Saturday 16th May 2020:


13:50 Zoom Log-On – 14:00 Start – 15:00 Finish


Hosted by Rachael Beesley via a Private Group Zoom Call


Just 6 Tickets Available


Only £9


50% Chance You & Your Animal Will Be Chosen


What if your equine or animal could speak to you? Animal Communicator, Coach & Author, Rachael Beesley connects with horses and ponies as well as other animals – both passed and living – through a photograph of them to accurately share their outlook on life, deepening your understanding of each other and often yourself.


Following the response to Rachael’s recent Virtual Animal Communication Demo and with many furloughed and housebound as well as those unable to see their equines during lockdown, we have added another Demo date.


Now more than ever, it feels important to demonstrate the depth of connection and understanding that our animals have. To offer an opportunity for you to hear their words for you during this especially difficult time and to answer the questions you may have for them.


Rachael will endeavour to communicate with three equines or animals with their people. All three will be chosen at random by Rachael from those in attendance, with Q&A’s around each one.


If you’d like the chance to hear from your animal in this unique and fascinating way be sure to secure your ticket now. Tickets have been priced at only £9 in response to the current times and with only 6 available you have a 50/50 chance of being chosen on the day.


You’ll also be able to off-set the ticket amount off a future private Call (at the reduced COVID-19 Response rates) should you wish to book one with Rachael for you and your equine or animal following the Demo Event.


Upon booking. we’ll be in touch with full details about the Group Zoom Call – is a free platform much like Skype, downloadable on most devices and easy to use. The only other thing you need do is email or WhatsApp message us a digital photograph of your equine or animal along with their name in advance of the Zoom Call.


Here is some feedback from Rachael’s recent Virtual Demo Event:-


“I was one of the participants/spectators on last weekend’s demo. Rachael’s introduction and the subsequent readings were really informative and interesting. The individual characters of the animals really shone through and hopefully gave their owner/caregiver some clarity from various questions. I highly recommend you experience it – and in the comfort of your own home too. I downloaded the Zoom app to my mobile and it was simple to use.”


“Rachael, thank you for passing on Choco messages today it has meant so much to us both.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. Thank you so much. Maisie gave so much information to you which relates – hey beautiful girl – I am always telling her she is a beautiful girl. The photo of her was taken yesterday after a long chilled hack and she was very relaxed which is where you may get the ‘steady’ from. You picked up that she is sensitive and can get anxious which is why we have been walking on eggshells with her, you were correct about her kicking due to frustration. She kicked my daughter the day before Jake was put to sleep and all our attention was on him not her, and I think she knew and was frustrated. She scrapes her hoof too for attention. She was clipped at the dealers the day before she came to us and was left with marks on her skin. I spent some time last year clipper training and will do so again this year taking into account your suggestions. It was also amazing to listen to the other readings on the demo. Thanks once again xx”


“Rachael has such a lovely, warm personality and is able to relay an animal’s message in a way that feels genuinely heartfelt and sincere. The virtual demo was an ideal way of receiving a ‘taster’ of what an in-person event would entail and feel like. It was really gratifying to be included in a group of like-minded, sensitive people who were willing to be so open and vulnerable with their experiences. Each animal’s message felt of value, even if I had never seen a photo of them before. The knowledge and wisdom the animals convey to us is beneficial to everyone. My own experience of Rachael communicating with my new dog was really enlightening and taught me to see certain situations through my dog’s eyes and not to jump to human assumptions. Since the communication, (even though it was only 2 days ago) I have noticed my dog appearing more settled and playful – she’s been given permission to be the puppy she’s longed to be! She’s also spending more time closer to me and wants more cuddles which is such a wonderful connection to be building. Thank you!!! x
Cherry & Kara


“It was amazing to hear from Siena, thank you so much for tuning in to her. Already feel it has strengthened my bond with her, which was pretty special anyway!”


Given that there is only 6 tickets available we strongly advise booking now to secure your place and to avoid disappointment! Rachael looks forward to speaking with you and potentially your equine or animal soon.

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  • April 29, 2020 4:25 pm   -   12:00 am
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