Rachael loves enabling a clear and meaningful conversation between you and your horse, or animal; connecting intuitively with them to accurately share their outlook on life to deepen your understanding of each other and often yourself. As an animal intuitive Rachael can also connect with animals that have passed sharing their messages with you.

Working remotely from her home in Kent (in the UK), Rachael gains rapport and a unique connection with your horse, or animal almost instantaneously from their photograph. You can expect insights and feedback from them alongside a sensitive, empowering coaching session all in one. You will leave your call truly understanding their point of view, with clarity about the here and now as well as their guidance on how to navigate the next few steps forward.

What kind of issues can a Reading & Coaching Call help with?

What sort of information do the animals give?

How does a Reading & Coaching Call affect your relationship?

How do you know it’s your animal?

My Services

With the recent rain and the mud season upon us, I’ve been inspired to fund raise for Marley’s Equine Rescue Centre  based near me in Sevenoaks in Kent. Run by Maxine Fuller, she does a fantastic job of rescuing, caring for and rehoming those that she can. A donation will be made for any private Call bookings purchased up until Sunday 11 October 2020 as detailed below in addition to all proceeds from this coming Saturday’s Virtual Animal Communication Demo going towards funding MUDCONTROL INB® SLABS for the Centre. We plan to create a footpath from the hard footing area outside the open barn out to the grazing fields. Equines are able use the single track and we plan to create at least one, if not two single tracks to allow safe and easy movement for them all, as well as the people who help out at the Centre including myself. If sufficient funds are received donations will also contribute to the Centre’s winter hay feed bill.

If you’d simply like to donate to this good cause and fund a slab for £6.60 and/or give as little or as much as you’d like, you can do so here:


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Individual Calls

People book for a number of reasons, you may relate to one, or more of these common ones:

✓ Insight into why they’re behaving in a certain way and wanting a way forward
✓ Insight into a physical condition, or ailment; what’s going on for them, how they’re feeling and what they’d like, or feel they’d benefit from
✓ Insight into their emotional wellbeing – how they feel about something, or someone (i.e. an accident, change of yard, loss of a companion, a different dog walker, etc)
✓ Curiosity about what your animal would say to you about themselves, your relationship and potentially other areas of your life

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What to Expect

Rachael will spend a few minutes at the start of your Call explaining how she works, so that you have a good sense of what to expect and can relax into the session.
Directly before you call Rachael on her landline at your arranged time (or she starts your Zoom audio call for overseas clients) she will connect with your equine or animal for 5 minutes. Rachael will write down what initially comes through and will share this with you at the start of the call, continuing the connection and communication throughout the session.

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Rachael’s coaching skills come to the fore as she ensures that all the information given is shared constructively with care. Her clients attest to her accuracy and the essential space she creates for you to make sense of all of the information covered, so that you leave your call with a “lovely feel good factor”.

Click to the button below to book your Animal Communication & Coaching Call. Two MUDCONTROL INB® SLABS will automatically be donated to this fundraising effort when booked by Sunday 11 October 2020.

A lot of happy clients

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Mini Check-In Call

A 20 minute telephone or Zoom audio Call with you and your equine or animal. Usually booked by regular clients as a quick check-in between longer sessions as well as being a taster session for those wishing to “dip their toes” so to speak before investing in a full session. One MUDCONTROL INB® SLAB will automatically be donated to this fundraising effort when booked by Sunday 11 October 2020.

Tailored Call Programs

Created for the many clients who return for regular sessions the Call Programs are tailored by you. Choose how many calls you’d like to invest in, whether you’d like a mix of 45 minutes and full hours calls, or all of the same and save according to your level of investment:

Book 2 Calls & Save 10%
Book 3 Calls & Save 15%
Off your call total.

You may wish to have monthly calls, or schedule them regularly throughout the year every 3/4/6 months, reassured that they’re in the diary with flexibility to move them forward, or back as you wish, subject to Rachael’s availability (we ask for at least 48 hours notice to reschedule any calls booked in). Simply give an indication of this in the “additional information” box and your preference for day time, or evening appointments upon booking. Ideal for both new and existing clients, the Call Programs enable you to benefit from all that an Individual Call offers as well as:-

✓ Building upon your initial insights
✓ Continuing your conversation
✓ Checking in on progress and developments from their point of view
✓ Working on your goals in a meaningful and truly integrated way

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Book now to secure priority placement in Rachael’s diary and to get your Call Program underway.

If you’d like to have regular sessions but would prefer to pay as you go that’s of course an option too.

Either choose from one of these two popular Call Programs (saving 15% off your 3 Calls) or tailor your own Program according to your own needs (with savings applied upon your selection).

Call Program

1 Equine

Call 1 – 1 Hour

Call 2 – 45 Minutes

Call 3 – 45 Minutes

Call Program

2 Equines/Animals

Call 1 – 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Call 2 – 1 Hour

Call 3 – 1 Hour

Simply select your Call choice from the table below before adding to your basket:


Please use the “Call Preferences” section upon booking to let us know if you have any preference for a day time, or evening appointment, or any particular days that are good for you. Upon receipt of your booking, we’ll be in touch usually within 24 hours (weekdays) to arrange your call.

Clients who’ve had follow-up or regular Calls

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for as little as £5, up to any amount you wish to purchase, in denominations of £5 (ie. £5, £10 or £25+). They can be offset against the full value of any of my services. Why not treat a friend to this unique and special experience? Or, if you’d love to connect with your own horse in this way, simply suggest the Gift Vouchers to anyone asking what you’d like this year. We’ll even post £10+ Gift Vouchers for you, for free, to any UK address.


Why not add a set (or two) of Equisentient Coaching Cards and save £3.45 today with FREE UK postage!

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Refund Policy


Client Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s important that you have confidence in the communication by the information shared at the start of the session.

On the rare occasion where the equine or animal isn’t forthcoming, Rachael will make this clear at the start of the session and will refund you in full.

If you’re not assured of the connection within the first 15 minutes, please let Rachael know as the Call will not proceed and we will process a full refund for you.

Thereafter, it is accepted that you have confidence in the connection and communication with your equine or animal and the full Call fee will apply.

Rescheduling or Cancelling a Session

If you wish to make any changes to your booking please contact us as soon as possible on

Any appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will be refunded in full.

Where less than 24 hours notice is given, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £38 for the session. Any balance after this deduction will either be refunded to you, or you can choose to put it towards a future Call should you wish to reschedule.

Where no notice is provided the session will be charged in full.