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Excitingly, Marley’s Equine Rescue Centre are relocating very soon to a location which enables them to set up a track system – a Pony Paradise – for all to enjoy and flourish!

Last summer, you may recall that I donated a 45 minute Animal Communication & Coaching Call to Marley’s to help towards the cost of ex-racer Bertie’s kissing spine operation, which was raffled off raising £75 within 24 hours!

A second Raffle that month within my Newsletter community matched this and so I‘m doing this again to help their relocation!

Like before, you can buy one or more of the 15 Raffle Tickets for just £5 each!

Once all 15 tickets are sold, a Winner will be drawn at random for their own 45 minute Animal Communication & Coaching Call!

Don’t hang about as I expect these to sell out as quickly as before and thank you so much for getting involved! If you’d simply like to donate, please do so using the donate button on this page, every little really will help!


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