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Buy your ticket today and be in with a chance to win a 45 minute Animal Communication & Coaching Call with me and your equine or animal!

Those of you who have been receiving my Newsletters and seeing my socials for some time will know that every year I do some fundraising for Marley’s Equine Rescue Centre, as it’s where I found my coblet Jack and the founder Maxine Fuller has become a friend of mine.

Last year we raised money towards their new field shelter build and to help get their new site winter ready; the year before we helped towards the cost of ex-racer Bertie’s successful kissing spine operation …

This month, we’re helping with the new fencing costs as Maxine and her small team develop their new track system, which has been her dream for a few years now.

Like before, you can buy one or more of the 15 Raffle Tickets for just £5 each!

Once all 15 tickets are sold, a Winner will be drawn at random for their own 45 minute Animal Communication & Coaching Call!

Don’t hang about as I expect these to sell out as quickly as before and thank you so much for getting involved!

If you’d simply like to donate, please do so using the donate button on this page, every little really will help!


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All your donations are greatly appreciated by Maxine and the equines in Marley’s care, thank you!!

If you happen to be looking for a companion or ridden equine do take a look at their page and get in touch with Maxine to see if she has what you’re looking for currently or coming into the Rescue.

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