Case Study: Amanda Ridings

Amanda was one of my first clients. Here’s what she thought of her reading….

OutrageousWas it what you expected?

Beyond expectations, firstly by accuracy and evidence, but I was also surprised by the life coaching element of my reading, I discovered things about myself as well as my horses 

What were you most surprised by?

That “Outrageous” knew my given birth name, I knew they could pick up on thoughts and feelings, but hadn’t realised that they could pick up on intrinsic parts of things that make you yourself. 

What was the most valuable aspect of your reading?

Feeling such a deep connection with my horse and that I was in a more informed position to make a very difficult decision 

Did your reading save you time and/or money in identifying and remedying an issue?

It really could have done!! Hundreds of pounds! Outrageous was due to have full body x rays the day following my reading, the vet suspected neurological damage in his neck and started x rays there working all the way down, each image costing a small fortune, Outrageous had actually told Rachel it was a problem with his hocks not his neck! If only I’d had the courage of my convictions and asked him to start with his hind legs!! 

Has your horse or pony’s behaviour changed following the reading?

I don’t think his behaviour has changed but definitely my understanding of him has, so maybe actually it’s my behaviour that has changed 

Has your relationship changed as a result?

Yes, we’re closer than ever

What could I change or do to improve my reading service?

With Outrageous’s reading absolutely nothing!! But I would say probing the horse for an absolute nugget of evidence is important, although I’m sure this must be hard for them, on your one chance to tell your human companion everything important they want you to know, I’m sure describing the view from their stable for example, probably wouldn’t feature highly in this!

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a reading with me; what would you say to them?

I think I’ve inadvertently answered that in the previous question, I’m sure not one of us would like to think their beloved best friend had something they wanted or needed us to hear that was falling on deaf ears. 
The “feel good factor” you get from your reading stays with you for a long time after.