Jude & Tiffin, July 2016


In April 2015, 15 months ago, Tiffin panicked whilst working with clients and went for me. He was anxious and wanted me to get him out of the situation. I withdrew him from our work, sensing that he needed time to work through whatever was causing his anxiety. I felt it was linked to the old trauma of his racing days.  As the months passed and his behavior towards me began more challenging, I began to wonder if I should let him go for the sake of my own safety. He panicked when people touched him and would often be aggressive with me.
Although I could communicate with him at times myself, in November (7 months in) I heard about Rachael’s ability to accurately communicate with horses and decided to have a reading with her.

This is what Jude has to say about her reading with me….

Looking back Rachael was the catalyst. Her reading was the turning point for Tiffin and our relationship. It brought us closer together and led us to where we are today. Tiffin had described to Rachael – who in turn, relayed to me – what had triggered him and knocked him off balance. What this was linked too; how he was feeling; what he was thinking; what he felt he needed to move forward both physically, emotionally and energetically; how he felt about other members of the herd and myself and my role in his healing. We both came away with such incredible insights. It was so powerful.

I noticed a big shift in him a few days later as he relaxed. He had opened up his own heart. He trusted me. My sense is that it was the first time he had truly trusted anyone in his life and our bond deepened. Over the months he moved through his insecurity and vulnerability. He was relaxed and calm in himself as well as being more comfortable and confident of his place in the herd too. He was quite simply transforming before my eyes. Where he had been rigid if I tried to stroke him, he was relaxed and enjoyed a gentle stroke. This was huge for him.

This week Tiffin came back to work for the first time in 15 months. He was incredible. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and I
will always be thankful for the role Rachael played in his healing journey.

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book a reading with me, Jude says:

Tiffin is where he is now because of the insights Rachael gave us. I remember coming off the phone with clarity about what we needed to move forward. It was reassuring as well as thought provoking. There was one aspect of the reading that I struggled to believe – Tiffin’s love for me. Rachael stood strong in this, feeling it vividly from Tiffin. She and I both felt that this was the golden nugget of our session. Rachael was able to hone in on the heart of our relationship and our cross road. This insight made the world of difference to me. It shifted everything in subtle ways at first but that’s sometimes all we need.

I trust Rachael to be Tiffin’s “voice” in those moments when I need further insight into what’s going on for us both and recommend her without hesitation. I will always feel a massive gratitude to Rachael for opening the door for both of us and giving us the opportunity to move to a new place of relaxed confidence.