Cherry & Kara

“Rachael has such a lovely, warm personality and is able to relay an animal’s message in a way that feels genuinely heartfelt and sincere. The virtual demo was an ideal way of receiving a ‘taster’ of what an in-person event would entail and feel like. It was really gratifying to be included in a group of like-minded, sensitive people who were willing to be so open and vulnerable with their experiences. Each animal’s message felt of value, even if I had never seen a photo of them before. The knowledge and wisdom the animals convey to us is beneficial to everyone. My own experience of Rachael communicating with my new dog was really enlightening and taught me to see certain situations through my dog’s eyes and not to jump to human assumptions. Since the communication, (even though it was only 2 days ago) I have noticed my dog appearing more settled and playful – she’s been given permission to be the puppy she’s longed to be! She’s also spending more time closer to me and wants more cuddles which is such a wonderful connection to be building. Thank you!!! x” Cherry & Kara