What led you to me?
Wanting to know how Stella was doing over the last year

How was your call helpful?
Assured me that we were both on the right path

Was it what you expected?
Yes and it surprised me too. Yes that it gave me insight into Stella as this is her first session with Rachael and also knowing a little more about her that I wasn’t aware of which surprised me

What were you most surprised by?
That she is quite sure of herself, that she’s OK with what she’s been going through over the last year. And mostly that she thinks we have better days ahead of us!

What was the most valuable aspect of your call?
It answered my concerns about her and that we are entering a better phase

Has your equine or animal’s behaviour changed following the call?
Yes, she’s more peaceful

Has your relationship changed as a result?
Yes, better connection with her – I’ve always felt this after one of our calls with you [with my other horses]

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a call with me; what would you say to them?
Do it, it will help and surprise you in equal measure


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March 29, 2024

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