Jo & Wilson

Although horses are my passion I do occasionally read for other animals whose owners find their way to me. As you’ll hear from Jo below, I also suggested and organised remote energy healing with Graeme Green to help bring Wilson back into balance:-
What led you to Equisentient Coaching?
I have Wilson, a bulldog who has shown aggression over the past few years, triggered by what we think is the rabies vaccine. He is a loveable dog who’s nature really doesn’t reflect this ‘dark side’ and I wanted to look to anything to find out more about how I could help him. My kinesiologist, who treats Wilson mentioned Rachael and I was on to her like a shot! Best call i ever made!
How was your reading helpful?
The reading certainly helped me understand where Wilson sees himself in our family pack and it cemented what I already knew to a certain degree. The facts he was coming out with would never have been known by Rachael and so it was definitely Wilson talking. I also learnt how Wilson views me when at home which was very interesting – some lessons to be learnt!! The fact that Rachael then proposed and organised energy healing for Wilson from her colleague was the icing on the cake.
Was it what you expected?
No, not initially as I thought there would be detail on Wilson’s aggression but he kept absolutely quiet about it – just not up for discussion.
What were you most surprised by?
Rachael’s conveyance of Wilson’s thoughts etc. were amazing as were the ideas and solutions she had for the aggression. She put all the pieces of the puzzle together to glean an amazing, transforming result.
What was the most valuable aspect of your reading?
The discussion of moving the treatment on to include energy healing. The fact that Rachael can work with her colleague to create amazing results is just beyond me. I was blown away by the reading, not to mention the extra treatment he had.
Did our reading save you time and/or money in identifying and remedying an issue?
There was no remedy for his issue! Long and short is stay away from Rabies vaccine in the future! I’ve tried everything, some of it has helped but I now have a calmer, happier dog.
Has your animal’s behaviour changed following the reading?
Definitely. Wilson is a different dog. He’s been on 3 walks now with other dogs and shown not one ounce of fear or aggression at all. It’s actually sad (and ironic) as a couple of dogs who have been on the receiving end of his aggression in the past have today growled and snarled at him to stay away when he’s all calm and wanting to play!! He’s far happier and loves the company now of other dogs. It’s going to be a case of me trusting him more but life is definitely more enjoyable and less stressful when out. Never did I ever think this could happen.
Has your relationship changed as a result?
Yes, he’s much closer to me again (can he be anymore so?!). Seems far happier and bounces about when I tell him we’re off for a walk and he looks more proud. Just a very happy bulldog 🙂 I am calmer with him too and able to enjoy our ‘out and about’ time more knowing he’s less fiery than before.
A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a reading with me; what would you say to them?
DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! For the sake of your animal (and you), just call and go for it.
Is there anything else that you’d like to tell me that I haven’t asked about?
My husband doesn’t believe in all this but he’s definitely taken aback by your findings and even he is cuddling Wilson more and talking to him!! A very happy family.
Jo Everett, East Grinstead, September 2016


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September 3, 2016