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Rachael has had numerous calls with me and Megan. This week I had another call with Rachael to talk things through with my girl as something didn’t feel right. It was really getting to me. As ever Rachael connected with Moo right away. Her personality coming through spot on.

Rachael is very delicate, supportive and also has a little giggle with you while relaying the information as my girl is not one to beat around the bush (in body or spirit). Rachael naturally makes you feel at ease and you can immediately feel that all of the words come from a place of love.

We worked through a load of different topics and by the end of the call I’m always left feeling like I’ve had a lovely chat with two very close friends (which I want to repeat over and over and over again).

Megan had been in quite a mood leading up to my call with Rachael, galloping of as soon as I took her head collar of at the field and just being quite hard. Since the call her eyes have softened and she now walks off and maybe has a little trot away. No stampede as before.
Something has definitely lifted in her.

A lot of people will poo poo animal communication and make you feel like a loon or that you are wasting your time. But I put it to you that deep down this is because of fear. Fear about how they think about/ treat animals, fear of looking inwards, fear of change, fear of something different. Don’t let other people’s energy take away your opportunity for connection. You and your animal deserve the connection with one another.

I really really rate Rachael, it’s so important to find someone you can trust, let down your guard with and be vulnerable with when connecting with animals. She will not let you down. I promise xx

Kate Woodruff, London, May 2020


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June 8, 2020

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