“Katie” & “Blackie”

This case study is written by a client under a pseudonym. She kindly wrote about her experience so that it may encourage others to set aside their initial scepticism and have this incredible and truly fascinating experience themselves.

My horse had recently been through quite a hard time health-wise and we had also moved yards so I got in touch with Rachael to see if she could help me check in with her as to how she was feeling and settling in. It may sound strange and I personally was a little sceptical at first, especially with it being a remote connection, but I was committed to giving my horse the best chance for a new start and I was open to trying something new. I am so glad I did.

The first reading was more about experiencing the connection and to see how my horse would respond, nonetheless, it was already impressive by its accuracy and its relevance and proved the connection was established. It was like the conversation you would expect of two people meeting for the first time, where my horse shared general insights, for instance, her enjoyment of and regard for Dressage, the elegance and the movements, and revealed she did not think much of show jumpers (!). It was quite funny really, if not a little bit snobby from her side. She also admitted humans had their uses, for instance, they can scratch her in places where she cannot reach… I am glad Rachael picked up on her sense of humour as thinking about it now, my horse does come across as a bit of a diva…! From a physical point of view, Rachael was also able to pick up on tension areas in her body, which made a lot of sense and allowed me to follow up on after.

At the end of it, I felt like we were really just scratching the surface, and Rachael conveyed there was a definite sense of more relaxation and more openness from Blackie at the end of the session compared to the beginning, so I asked for a follow up reading, feeling Blackie had much more to offer and realising she was not giving away anything too specific nor personal, especially considering what she had been through.

This turned out to be a really good call as the second session was very different and much deeper as my horse really ‘got into it’ seemingly having gained reassurance she could engage further. This is very much aligned with her rather untrusting nature and the fact she likes to take time and be sure, so I was not surprised 😉  The follow-up session was very rich and we really talked about specific events, people, activities that took place over the recent weeks.  It was very insightful and the accuracy was mind-blowing.

Blackie brought up her injury (Rachael obviously knew nothing about it). I had not realised the emotional load attached to it and how my horse had been affected by it. Rachael created that awareness of how it was still currently affecting her and how she was still processing it as she was trying to regain her confidence, which was particularly enlightening for me.

Following the yard move, I also had specific questions to gain reassurance on Blackie’s new routine, new horses around her, new people looking after her. It was fantastic to be able to hear Blackie’s perspective on it and gain that validation that she was settling in well and was happier for it, whilst she was still not sure about certain people or horses around her. We also covered very specific details about our new farrier and feed – all feedback from Blackie which was very helpful.

The communication was not only highly accurate but also very enjoyable. Despite some emotional insights, Blackie had us laughing on a few occasions showing her great sense of humour.

That reading resonated with me for days afterwards and this new understanding brought us closer together and strengthened our bond and appreciation of each other.

Moreover, these readings helped me optimise my rehab plan for Blackie and make it more complete and more tuned in with her needs. On the injury front, it helped me look at it beyond just the clinical aspect and factor in the emotional aspect of how it had affected my horse and how it had created a new vulnerability.

Following these readings, I have also found myself listening to her even more, being more receptive to the slightest responses she offers, whether in work or in the stable, taking it into account rather than going with just ‘my’ plan. There’s more harmony between us as a result and an increased sense of trust.

You have to experience it once to truly understand this incredible and fascinating dimension of your horse’s senses, through Rachael’s extraordinary skill.

Once your horse has a voice, you will look at him/her in a different way and with a newly gained respect and understanding! And you will talk to him/her even more 😉

I can imagine doing this on a periodic basis as a general check-in and a way to get unique feedback from my horse, to ensure I’m on top of all her needs and to maintain our strong connection. Both Blackie and myself are hugely thankful to Rachael!


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September 13, 2018

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