Riddhima & Bill

What led you to Rachael?  A mutual friend and your Equisentient Coaching Cards 🙂

How was your reading helpful?  It helped me fill in many gaps in my perception of my relationship with Bill, my horse – It confirmed many things I already was feeling or was aware of somewhere deep down inside but had not yet articulated about my own needs and inner conflicts and choices – It confirmed that my instinct for the choices I am making for Bill and I are the right ones and I should trust them – The conversation I had with Bill right after the reading was absolutely magical. We have never had such a consistent tender exchange and been so present to and with each other. Was gorgeous!!!!

What were you most surprised by?  The coincidence between the messages and what I have been dialoguing within myself for a few weeks now.

What was the most valuable aspect of your reading? That it was on telephone. It gives you the space that you need to process what comes through. It may seem like a small logistical thing but in reality that space really served me well to integrate those messages.

Did our reading save you time and/or money in identifying and remedying an issue?  Too early to tell. But I wasn’t looking to remedy an issue as such. I was looking for some guiding signs around the choices I am making these [last few] weeks. I am making most choices following my heart. For the first time ever. My mind therefore self doubts. This reading reinforced my new found heart-led choice making.

Has your relationship changed as a result? Yes. Our connection today was stronger than ever!

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a reading with me; what would you say to them? Listen to your heart. This stuff has nothing to do with the head anyways!! 😉

Ps. “Your cards are absolutely fantastic. The photography is beautiful and your interpretations are so touching!! They’ve not only become a part of my daily ritual, I use them in my wellness workshops!!! Bravo and thanks for sharing a very special gift with the world!!!”

Riddhima Kowley-Khan


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May 9, 2018