Ruby & Libby

What led you to me?
I was attending a course when a book caught my eye. It was about an equine communicator and her life’s work. I was transfixed and after hearing a few fellow course participants talk about various animal communicators in the UK I investigated and felt drawn to you.

How was your call helpful?
It was an incredibly helpful, supportive and reassuring experience. They both [calls] helped to confirm what I was feeling between myself and Libby was real which I turn gave me the confidence to trust my gut and address things that were coming up for me with more clarity and honesty.

Was it what you expected?
I’m not sure what I was expecting! I suppose I didn’t expect I’d be able to ask questions quite so plainly and get answers back.

What were you most surprised by?
The strength of character that came through the connection!

What was the most valuable aspect of your call?
Allowing Libby the chance to voice her thoughts and feelings clearly to me so I can understand where she’s at as we move forwards together.

Did our reading save you time and/or money in identifying and remedying an issue?
Yes, I would say this has definitely saved me time/energy when it comes to taking action and moving forwards onto the next step of my journey.

Has your relationship changed as a result?
I can feel it changing and the potential there as we move forward together.

What could I change, or do to improve my call service?
Honestly, for me, nothing. It felt so bang on and I also felt very supported through the process.

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a call with me; what would you say to them?
Don’t overthink it, if you’re drawn to it just go for it. Find out for yourself why you’re drawn here.


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February 22, 2019

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