Sarah & Maisie

“I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. Thank you so much. Maisie gave so much information to you which relates – hey beautiful girl – I am always telling her she is a beautiful girl. The photo of her was taken yesterday after a long chilled hack and she was very relaxed which is where you may get the ‘steady’ from. You picked up that she is sensitive and can get anxious which is why we have been walking on eggshells with her, you were correct about her kicking due to frustration. She kicked my daughter the day before Jake was put to sleep and all our attention was on him not her, and I think she knew and was frustrated. She scrapes her hoof too for attention. She was clipped at the dealers the day before she came to us and was left with marks on her skin. I spent some time last year clipper training and will do so again this year taking into account your suggestions. It was also amazing to listen to the other readings on the demo. Thanks once again, Sarah xx”