Amanda & William

What led you to Rachael?  My sister speaking with her at West Country Equine Fair 2017.

How was your reading helpful?  It gave me peace of mind and reinforced what I already knew in myself. It also confirmed some existing conditions which were already being treated and an odd niggle that now appears to be less bothersome.

What were you most surprised by?  The fact that the conversation and its whole tone could not have come from anywhere other than from William!

What was the most valuable aspect of your reading?  To understand that despite the usual old age niggles, he was comfortable and content….although a little frustrated at being old (aren’t we all)!

Has your animal’s behaviour changed following the reading?  Not hugely as we are lucky enough to be extremely close in general…..he did hang around longer than usual for a chat the following morning though!

Has your relationship changed as a result?  Not really, we just laugh at each other more although I have to say there is even more intimacy than before perhaps.. and that’s saying something.



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Posted on

April 9, 2018