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What led you to have a reading and coaching call with Rachael?  My horse had an injury and had yet another visit to hospital planned.  I wanted to do whatever I could to reassure him.  Having met Rachael at an equine learning event, I instantly knew she was the very best person to do this.

How was your reading helpful?  The reading was really helpful.  Not only did he feel more relaxed afterwards but I learned things about him that explained some longer term miscommunications we were having.  I believe that it’s really helped strengthen our understanding of one another now and we are far more in tune than we used to be.  He was calm during his hospital visit despite it previously being an uncomfortable experience for him.  I sensed that he understood that it was a positive step forward.

Was it what you expected and what impact did the session for you at the time and thereafter?   Frankly, the reading was even better than I expected. I particularly liked the three way communication as that allowed me to input in the moment as things occurred to me having learned more about his perspective.  Rachael is also very well networked and has introduced me to other holistic healers who have also contributed to my horse’s overall recovery.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience?  I would recommend Rachael to anyone who is looking to increase the understanding between themselves and their horse.  We’re still experiencing the benefits two months on!

Lisa Saunders


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March 9, 2018