Rachael’s depth of understanding in both the human and equine side of the horse-human bond allows her to provide a service with great depth and potential beyond which I have previously come across. Couple this with her integrity and professionalism in a field of work that can, to some, seem ‘wishy washy’ and you find a unique and powerful opportunity for discovery.

We tend to regard anything that is not graspable and understandable with the logical mind as suspicious and lacking integrity. My logical scientific background has certainly kept me in that camp in the past. However, curiosity has led me to discover what lies beyond the logical mind (which paradoxically complements it beautifully). It is here that the magic happens! Rachael is a conduit for that world. The one where the horses reside.

Her call plans have, and continue to, support me hugely as I move forward in training and setting up an equine facilitated learning business. Try trading in the scepticism for curiosity one day and find out for yourself!


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October 29, 2019

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