What led you to me?
I was having some difficulty knowing what direction to go in next with my horse, and hoped you could provide some clarity

How was your call helpful?
It gave me all the answers I was hoping for and so much more!

Was it what you expected?
Yes and no, I fully believed it would be beneficial, but it went beyond what I expected

What were you most surprised by?
Just how spiritual and deep my horse is!

What was the most valuable aspect of your call?
Knowing the direction my horse wants to go in from now on. I feel like I know him so much better

Has your horse or pony’s behaviour changed following the call?
Yes, we are closer and the awkward behaviour has gone

Has your relationship changed as a result?
Yes absolutely

What could I change or do to improve my call service?
I wouldn’t change anything

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a call with me; what would you say to them?
Just do it, don’t overthink it. Be open minded. Take a notebook and have a few questions in mind!


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Posted on

March 2, 2021

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