Lesley & Basil

Why did you book a reading & coaching call with Rachael?

Because I was curious. I was curious what you would say about Basil because it feels like a long time since he left earth (10 years) and sometimes I wonder if I am just recalling our relationship with rose tinted glasses.  However, it really did feel like you connected with him, and considering you didn’t know him and we haven’t talked much about him, there were a lot of truths about the connection I think we had enjoyed together.

Was it what you expected and how was it helpful/valuable to you? 

Well, no it wasn’t! I didn’t consciously expect something however, I think I subconsciously just wanted to hear how wonderful he was and be reminded of his personality, however, I got so much more than that.  We started like that and then you asked me some questions that brought me to the present and helped me work with what was coming up for me. On reflection I am surprised that I was surprised! However, at the time it was really surprising for me that the possibility existed that Basil was working with me now – something I really hadn’t considered. I guess through the grief process I actually really did lose sight (or perhaps didn’t understand) that he could still be around me in spirit and all the influences he had on me in the physical continue to happen just in a deeper, less obvious way.

What impact did the session have for you at the time and in the weeks or months thereafter? 

There felt like some kind of shift and closure on the past for me as a result of the understanding that he is still around and that perhaps we are working with each other already without being fully conscious of it, in the same way that he influenced me in the physical without me understanding at the time what was happening.  It has only been on reflection and the passing of time that I have really understood the benefits.

In terms of moving forward, I think I have a real equine business coach!! It feels like that when I want some help with the direction of my business, all I need to do is book a session with you and ask you to connect with Basil. Whatever comes up will come up and then you have the beautiful coaching skills to help me work with the content and turn what is coming up into action! Basil and my journey with him is exactly why I am doing what I do now, from the learning and changes I had started to make before he passed to the personal development and training that I have undertaken since, including the people I have met and been encouraged by on the way.  He is part of my story, my journey and is central to my business and the direction it is taking.  It could almost be ‘our’ business… maybe he is my silent business partner!!  Would that be weird?!  Haha!

Thank you Rachael for helping bring him alive in my being again.

Lesley Holyoake, Equine Training, Rehabilitation & Assisted Facilitation



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July 12, 2017

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