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What led you to have your first reading and coaching call with Rachael?

I knew I wasn’t connecting well with my new horse and a good friend recommended talking to Rachael. I wasn’t sure what she would be able to tap into, but felt confident that I knew my retired horse well enough to gauge how well the reading went.

Was it what you expected and how was it helpful/valuable to you?

It was far better than I’d expected! I knew my retired horse was a wise chap, but I had no idea how much clarity he could give via Rachael – it was quite emotional for me and really challenged my logical side, which is naturally sceptical.  Getting an insight into how my new horse felt was invaluable in building our relationship, which was rather rocky at that point; I had seriously considered selling him on.  I definitely felt more bonded to him in the days after the reading and now know he’s one of the family and will never be sold.

I had seen an animal communicator work with horses before, but it was something that seemed very left-field to me, even though I absolutely believed that my horses knew a lot more than they were letting on.  I think the element that sets Rachael apart from others is that she is able to bring a coaching element to the reading, which adds another layer of value to the conversation.  She is also very tactful in how she relays information to you – although I usually still end up in tears at some point!

As a regular client what brings you back?

For me, I have two reasons for booking regular sessions with Rachael.  Firstly, I’m still working on the connection with my second horse – he’s a sensitive soul who hides his feelings well.  Speaking with Rachael helps me understand his behaviour and accelerates my learning on how to provide him with a good environment to improve his confidence and mine.  As we improve our bond, he opens up more during the readings and gives me more hints on how to set us both up for success on the ground and while riding.

Secondly, my horses (and my cat) give me great insight into my own state of mind.  I realised some years ago that animals will mirror what I’m feeling – so if I’m genuinely worried about a situation, they’ll be gentle and patient, whereas if I’ve just had a bad day at work I’ll get a firm look, or possibly just the sight of a tail swishing as they exit the space!  With Rachael’s help I can actually access some real guidance from my horses – for example about a new job – without my logical, analytical side taking over.  Whereas friends may try to tell me what they think I want to hear, I know the horses won’t flatter my ego.  It’s like being able to tap into and amplify my own gut instincts.

Rachael is also absolutely phenomenal in emergency situations!  When my retired horse had a bad field accident she was able to connect with him and relay back to me what he was feeling and how serious, or not, the situation was.  When my cat went missing for days she was able to tune into him and let me know that he was ok, and that he would be back once he’d helped another cat.  When he finally appeared home (none the worse for his time away), Rachael text me to check that we were re-united about 30 seconds after I’d let him into the house!  I really don’t know how she manages to be so calm and centred that she can connect with animals in stressful situations, and then deliver the news in a very kind and measured way.

What impact have the sessions had for you at the time and over the weeks and months thereafter?

Initially the first reading really helped me feel more connected to my new horse, and as we’ve had further readings it’s helped build my confidence that I can and already am picking up on subtle communications from both my horses.  Latterly I have been using the sessions to ask for more guidance from my horses – in our last conversation my very laid back horse who rarely breaks into a trot in the paddock, actually cantered up to me as I was in the middle of a session with Rachael, presumably to emphasis a point!  That was an amazing feeling.  The only downside is that they will now offer feedback to Rachael on situations that I haven’t even mentioned!

A few years ago it would never have occurred to me that any of this was possible and I now think back on all the times I just guessed at what my horses needed and sometimes got it wrong, sometimes right  – now I can book a session with Rachael and actually get their input.

Rachael is definitely part of my ‘team’ now, as important as finding a supportive instructor or talented bodyworker.

Catherine Strickland, Gloucestershire, August 2017


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August 4, 2017

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