Shardi, Cracker & Zara

What led you to have a reading and coaching call with Rachael?  I came across Rachael by the hand of fate.  I was attending my local equine fair and I had a look at who and what would be there before I went.  I saw Equisentient Coaching on the list and was immediately intrigued.  I checked out the website and knew I had to speak to Rachael.  Thankfully I had looked it up as I had to search high and low for her stall, but am I glad I did!  Meeting Rachael immediately told me that she was the lady for us.  I was interested in a reading and coaching call because both my horse and cat have been poorly recently with no real answer as to what is wrong with them.  I was keen for Rachael’s insight and her help on how my girls felt.

How was your reading helpful?  It allowed me to get a better understanding of how my girls were feeling.  For my horse it helped me to help her feel better and to confirm to me that she felt the way that I thought she did.  I was also able to ask her some questions that I wanted answers to.  For my cat it was much the same and I discovered that she had a sense of humour that I never knew that she had!

Was it what you expected?  It was, and having a 3 way conversation was wonderful, like having a translator present!

What was the most valuable aspect of your reading?  Being able to find out how I could help my girls.

What impact did the session for you at the time and thereafter?  It really seemed to deepen the bond between me and my girls.  They both seemed to really appreciate it and were much more loving.  My horse perked up considerably and has had much more joy de vivre since.  It has made me more able to relax about what is wrong with them and enjoy the hear and now with them more.  I now feel more confident in my intuition with them as I was fairly spot on with a lot of things.  I have a much greater respect for the depths of their knowledge and understanding, and in my cat’s case, planning!



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February 9, 2018