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What led you to Rachael?  A friend highly recommended you as someone who could help me to communicate with my dog, to possibly shine some light on how she felt and what she wanted from us at a challenging time for her health-wise.

How was your reading helpful and was it what you expected?  Amazingly helpful and incredibly connecting between her and us. It enabled us to hear from her and for us all to understand what was going on for her and how we could move forward together.

It was so much more than what I expected. She has a Category 6 heart murmur – which is very serious – and for the previous 6 days, since her last visit to the vets, she had been incredibly limp and ‘depressed’, unwilling to climb the stairs, jump on a chair, eat or engage with us and I was preparing myself to accept that this quality of life was not what she would want and maybe it was time to arrange to have her put down. By the end of the session she was fully alert, ate her food with enthusiasm and astonishingly this morning climbed the stairs and jumped onto the bed on her own. She has been out and about visiting friends ever since!

What were you most surprised by?  The accuracy of the words Rachael used and the manner in which she spoke them. Not knowing our dog, she was able to convey her true character and intentions so I have no doubt that she was fully engaged with her.

What was the most valuable aspect of your reading?  We learnt that our beautiful dog still had ‘life in the old dog yet’ – as she reminded us- and that she had realised through the session that her annoyance and frustration for finding herself so unwell was actually a waste of precious time and energy. As soon as she had realised this within the reading, her whole demeanour changed and her energy level and usual curiosity and zest for life returned.

Did our reading save you time and/or money in identifying and remedying an issue?  It has given us a completely different quality of life with her and we now all know that she still has a life to live for as long as she can, and that we can work together to support her to do what she can physically. She has learnt to make the most of what she has, and that is to all of our benefit.

Has your animal’s behaviour changed following the reading? Absolutely. She is alert, curious, energetic, and interactive. Even during the reading her body-language was changing to reflect what was being said, who was saying what and what she was learning. When I spoke she looked directly at me. When she was not so happy with a compromise we were discussing she turned to face the back of the chair with her head hidden as she agreed to think about what was being proposed.

Has your relationship changed as a result?  I feel even closer to her as it has confirmed so much about her personality I believed she had but which came through so clearly during the reading. Navigating this heart condition is hard for us all, but having shared the reading together, it’s as if we are all on the page moving forward with a little give and take on both sides. She has returned to the vibrant, curious dog with a huge personality and very strong attitude….which is wonderful to see and be with.

Carey Warden


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January 9, 2018

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