Sophie & Mora

“You’re missing the point.” Mora told me as I broke down in tears in my call with my Animal Communicator Equisentient Coaching.

I’d booked a call with her to hear Mora’s perspective on the situation with the mud, since in the end, that’s the only perspective that really matters to me.

I’ve been very preoccupied with the mud, as you’ve been able to read.

It’s been draining my energy and has taken over my full focus.

I’ve been battling with it ever since Winter set in.

I was taken by surprise about how bad it got and other people’s comments haven’t helped either, even though they mean well, of course.

She said that she’s not bothered by the mud and that it’s perfectly imperfect for what it is at the moment.

She said that: “they can accept things, which doesn’t mean they are in their element in them, or enjoy them, but that we as humans put too much pressure on things always being positive and light in order to label the experience as good. Sometimes things just are. People get too hung up on the picture. Come back to the logistics of life.”

Now, isn’t that the truth. Her wisdom is so enlightening.

When she said that I was missing the point she meant that for her this is already Nirvana: the safety and the haven and what I’ve created for her and her children and everyone who comes here. I’m like an Italian mamma to all of them. The mud is just symbolic.

And how right she is.

Other people’s opinions allow me to “go to the gym” and build my muscle; that I can trust my connection with the horses, trust my understanding and my sense of things and my knowing – claim my sovereignty.

Spoken like a true queen.

“The mud will come and it will go. In a few months’ time the terrain will have changed and in the fullness of time there will be a solution. The cogs are already turning. It’s perfect as it is.”

She abides in calmness, grace and acceptance.

And that’s exactly what I sensed from her all along and which made me trust that all is well, all the while creating the best conditions possible for them and finding long-term solutions.

It all comes down to trusting myself and coming back to my own centre.

And this is truly the most valuable lesson of all.”

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February 12, 2022

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