Jen & Peggy

What led you to Rachael?
I had met Rachael before and was amazed by her natural gift and warm personality.

How was your call helpful?
I felt like she put bits of missing puzzle pieces together for me to better understand my dog’s anxiety.

Was it what you expected?
It was better than I expected, it has strengthen my bond with Peggy.

What were you most surprised by? 
Probably what Peggy mentioned from her being a puppy. It really resonated with me.

What was the most valuable aspect of your call?
Knowing that I’m doing everything I can to help my dog.

Has your animal’s behaviour changed following the call?
Yes, I think it helped me as well.

Has your relationship changed as a result?
We are so close with a lovely bond, definitely feel I understand her more now.

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a call with me; what would you say to them? 
Do it 100 %

Accuracy of the call? 

Information clearly explained?

Responsiveness to your questions (i.e. did I answer them to your satisfaction)?


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January 9, 2022

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