What led you to me?
Recommendation from my friend

How was your call helpful?
Wanted to make sure my horse was happy & try & understand her more. You described her well and she has an even bigger opinion of herself than I knew!

What was the most valuable aspect of your call?
Reassurance she is happy & knows she’s loved

Has your equine or animal’s behaviour changed following the call? 
She was on the best form across all camp and we bonded even more

What could I change or do to improve my call service? 
Thought it was excellent from initial speedy email to considered intro and honest approach

A potential client is on the fence about whether to have a call with me; what would you say to them?
Reassure on your money back guarantee, we don’t always understand everything around us – it was an incredibly useful insight into my horse thoughts & feelings

Accuracy of the call: Excellent

Information clearly explained: Excellent

Responsiveness to your questions (i.e. did I answer them to your satisfaction): Excellent

Rate the professionalism and manner in which I carried out your call: Excellent


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December 8, 2023

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