Sabrina, Moonlight & Sovereign

What led you to have a reading and coaching call with Rachael?  I was led to have a reading and coaching call with Rachael after I met her at The Holistic Horse & Pony Centre in Ockham.  At that time, I had a share arrangement with Moonlight that was sadly coming to an end. I wanted to ensure that he had a harmonious progression to his new home.

How was your reading helpful?  My reading with Moonlight helped me to be secure in my mind that he knew what was happening. It also reassured me that we had been doing the correct things with him throughout my time with him. It was an emotional and hugely rewarding experience.

With my new horse, Sovereign, it has helped me to understand him better. It has given me the knowledge that I am currently on the right track with him. I have been able to get some practical advice about the stable he is currently in and as a result, I am looking to move him into a stable better suited to his needs. He has had quite a journey in his life, travelling from Croatia as a driven horse and making the transition to a riding horse. He has allowed me to understand that the past is in the past and he is very much happy in the present. He also reassured me that he knows I have things in hand and feels a deep bond with me.

Was it what you expected and what impact did the session for you at the time and thereafter?  My two communications were far more than I had expected. Mainly, the communication with Moonlight as this was an emotional transition and it assisted with this being easier. I can’t quite put into words how much this communication helped me to be able to accept and allow him to move on.

My communication with Sovereign was light-hearted, interesting and even humorous at times! Just like our relationship. Mine and Sovereigns relationship after this communication has felt more relaxed and he’s been responding to me a lot more positively. Almost like when you’re unable to talk to someone and once you’ve been able to, everything flows a lot more smoothly!

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience?  Lastly, my Mum and I would like to send our eternal gratitude to Rachael for the amazing gift that she is bringing to the world. It was truly an invaluable experience which we will continue to use throughout our ownership of Sovereign.

Sabrina Rudley, Ockham, November 2017


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November 12, 2017

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